Thursday, August 15, 2013

Virginia Farm

oil on canvas panel, damar varnish
Daily Paintworks
    I seem to have a love affair with hay bales.  I've certainly painted quite a few.  This is a studio piece painted from a photo from my Nimrod Hall days.  Nimrod Hall is sort of an artist's retreat in a rural part of Virginia.  Many people go year after year--a tradition with painting and relaxing for a  week or two.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Passing Through

oil on canvas panel
You may possibly be wondering where I fell off the earth.  Actually, I had to buy a new computer, and I now have The Evil Windows 8.  It has been quite the learning curve--I just today figured out how to arrive at Blogger Dashboard.
This little path was found in one of Charlotte's many parks.  I just cannot remember which one.  I certainly do remember, however,  how hot, humid and mosquito ridden it was.  I still love to paint outside, and I know it's good for working on painting skills.
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