Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another landscape

The Little Pond, Pearson Farm
oil on canvas panel
Daily Paintworks
Another landscape--I'm on a roll! I have painted this little pond several times.  It is just in the perfect place as relation to light.  There're always a good reflection no matter what time of day and usually a nice glow on the tree.
I plan to paint landscapes for a week or two and then switch to a new series.  Hope you will come back, or better yet, follow me.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Painting Landscapes

Afternoon Pasture

Well, that's a pretty small photo.  I did click on large but I
suppose the camera ignored me.

About painting landscapes--I do love to paint landscapes, expecially
ones with water of some sort.  I also read one time that landscapes
are the most popular sellers.  I'm not sure I entirely aggree with
that.  I think the best selling paintings are the
best paintings regardless of the genre.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Painting in the country, plein air

Hay Bales in the Field
Daily Paintworks
This was painted roadside and en plein air.  It was a lovely day and I enjoyed every minute of it.
The air was fragrant and the temperature was neither cold nor hot.  I am a terrible wuss about
painting in uncomfortable weather.  I do admire those plein air painters who walk 5 miles up a mountain, with all their painting gear, to find that perfect place regardless of the elements.  Not me!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Small and Collectable

Serenity at the Lake
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I have been reading Carol Marine's book which tells, among other things,
her life as a painting a day artist.  She suggests that people like to
collect small painting and display them in a group which would
take the same space as a large painting.
The great thing about the collecting is that most painting are under 150.00
and can be collected over time rather than a big cash outlay
at one time.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Painting Figures is Hard

Skater Dude

I was recently reminded that I have not posted on my
blog since April.  (You know who you are, Kathy!)
It's not that I have not been painting.  I paint everyday, but for
some unknown reason I grew weary of the blog and
just ignored it.  Anyway, I am back again and
totally resolve to do better.
 Skater Dude shows up much too blue on my screen.  I only
hope that it looks more balanced on yours.
It was a fun painting-painted from a photograph of
some young men on their boards having a blast.   I have
several more I can work from and intend to do a
Painting figures is the hardest, in my opinion.  If you make a barn a little
too long or high, no one knows.  If you make an arm too long
or a head too big for a body, it sticks out like a sore
thumb.  (That expression courtesy of my mother.)
Just the smallest wrong proportion mistake
and it will be spotted immediately.
So...I try to work on a figure at least once a week
so that I'll get better, plus I love to paint people.
Hope you'll come back to look at my blog now that
I have reformed .

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