Friday, February 6, 2015

Painting Figures is Hard

Skater Dude

I was recently reminded that I have not posted on my
blog since April.  (You know who you are, Kathy!)
It's not that I have not been painting.  I paint everyday, but for
some unknown reason I grew weary of the blog and
just ignored it.  Anyway, I am back again and
totally resolve to do better.
 Skater Dude shows up much too blue on my screen.  I only
hope that it looks more balanced on yours.
It was a fun painting-painted from a photograph of
some young men on their boards having a blast.   I have
several more I can work from and intend to do a
Painting figures is the hardest, in my opinion.  If you make a barn a little
too long or high, no one knows.  If you make an arm too long
or a head too big for a body, it sticks out like a sore
thumb.  (That expression courtesy of my mother.)
Just the smallest wrong proportion mistake
and it will be spotted immediately.
So...I try to work on a figure at least once a week
so that I'll get better, plus I love to paint people.
Hope you'll come back to look at my blog now that
I have reformed .

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Kathy Collins said...

Well, I am so glad to see you posting again! I have you bookmarked and check it periodically and sure enough there were several new posts. Welcome back to blogging. Love your new creations!

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