Monday, May 28, 2012

On the Lake

8x8, oil on canvas panel, 85.00, Daily Paintworks 
This is a location not too far from me, and I have painted it before.  I changed so many things that the owner would probably not recognize it. 
Tomorrow I painting in Belmont at the college there.  Can't wait to see what it offers.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

French Village

12x12, oil on canvas panel, damar varnish,  on auction at Daily Paintworks, Mary 6

Once in while I paint a picture that I like, but am not quite satisfied with.  Oh, and sometimes I paint a picture that I am definitely not satisfied with and will never be.  But, back to the subject.  I loved the subject and composition of this painting, but I felt the colors were too "sweet".  So I whipped out my trusty non-sweet colors and made some changes.  Ah, much better.

This is obviously painted from a photo, since I have not lately journeyed to France.  However, I was there about 15 years ago and have saved this photo, among many others from that trip.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peaches with Silver

9x12, oil on stretched canvas, 95.00,

This is an older still life that I neglected to ever post--who knows what's lurking in my studio???

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Red Clay Path, Beatty Park, Charlotte,NC

On Tuesday mornings I paint with a group we call Plein Air Buds.  One person plans the
location, and anywhere from 8 to 14 of us meet.  We paint until around 12:30 and then go to
lunch, our reward for our rigorous hours of painting!

This painting was chosen to appear on Daily Paintworks Facebook page.

This meeting was at Beatty Park here in Charlotte.  You can see my easel set up
here in the shade.  Getting in the shade is usually more comfortable, but it is most important
for painting.  If a painting is done in the sun, the colors will look beautiful and
brilliant--then when out of the sun, the colors just die.
Been there and done that one!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garlic for Cooking (sold)

5x5, oil on canvas panel

I just got back from a week's visit with two girlfriends.  We all went to elementary school, jr. high, and high school together.  I took lots of photos for painting, and although I had a most wonderful time, I am also glad to be at the easel again.

I painted this before I left, but didn't get it posted.  I WILL do better with posting this week.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Displaying Small Paintings

Susan M. has been buying my paintings for several years now. She began with eBay and moved on to dailypaintworks. We have exchanged emails, and I consider her a friend. She graciously allowed me to share some of her display ideas.

Recently she sent me some photos of how she displays the paintings, and I fell in love with her style.  Since they are small, I think they look better as a group rather than all by their lonesome.  The overlapping of the paintings provides unity--they are all landscapes and they all have a similar color palettes.  Some are framed and some are not, and that's OK!  It all adds up to a unified display with enough differences to keep it interesting.

This second photo shows only one painting, along with other collectibles.  (This is a beach house.)  Now why does this work so well when I just said to display small paintings in groups?  OK--this works because it is a small painting in a small space.  It's all about scale.  Never put a small painting on a large wall, large table, will make you unhappy every time you look at it!

Thank you, Susan.  I know my readers will like these display ideas.

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