Saturday, May 26, 2012

French Village

12x12, oil on canvas panel, damar varnish,  on auction at Daily Paintworks, Mary 6

Once in while I paint a picture that I like, but am not quite satisfied with.  Oh, and sometimes I paint a picture that I am definitely not satisfied with and will never be.  But, back to the subject.  I loved the subject and composition of this painting, but I felt the colors were too "sweet".  So I whipped out my trusty non-sweet colors and made some changes.  Ah, much better.

This is obviously painted from a photo, since I have not lately journeyed to France.  However, I was there about 15 years ago and have saved this photo, among many others from that trip.

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Anonymous said...

As you know, I loved the composition of the original of this and tried to do it in watercolor--but felt it was too bland. Think I will try it again in these warmer colors--love it and the one above! Thanks for the sweet note.

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