Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Red Clay Path, Beatty Park, Charlotte,NC

On Tuesday mornings I paint with a group we call Plein Air Buds.  One person plans the
location, and anywhere from 8 to 14 of us meet.  We paint until around 12:30 and then go to
lunch, our reward for our rigorous hours of painting!

This painting was chosen to appear on Daily Paintworks Facebook page.

This meeting was at Beatty Park here in Charlotte.  You can see my easel set up
here in the shade.  Getting in the shade is usually more comfortable, but it is most important
for painting.  If a painting is done in the sun, the colors will look beautiful and
brilliant--then when out of the sun, the colors just die.
Been there and done that one!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, Connie---this painting is beautiful!! The orange path just makes it!!

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