Friday, April 10, 2009

Beginning a Painting

I have no finished painting to post today, so I am posting three paintings in various stages of "unfinishedment". It's interesting to see the progress of a painting. Sometimes I love the beginning much better than the finish.

On the landscape, you can see new lines drawn to correct some shapes. They will not show in the finished painting.

This one just need a little tweaking, plus adding the pile of logs in front and adding the gate. You can currently see the shadow of the gate on the red shed.

The painting above, an antique shop interior, is drawn and somewhat blocked in. Everything is extremely loose and experimental at the beginning.

2 comments: said...

Some very nice unfinshedment paintings.

Erin Spencer said...

It's fun to see some of your work in the unfinished stages. I am always interested in the process other artists follow to their finished paintings, so this was nice for me to see from you!

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