Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Blue Barn and a trip to my hometown

8x8, oil on canvas panel

My cousin, sister, and I visited my 91 year old Aunt Marianne this past week. Aunt Marianne was married to my Mother's twin brother and is the only one of that generation left. She is great fun and mentally sharp as a tack! Above is a photo of her house in my hometown of Columbus, Mississippi. It is most unusual in that the bricks are quite large. I have never seen bricks this large in any place and would love to know the origin.

Aunt Marianne has always loved to garden, but cannot anymore because of a balance problem. This is one of her beautiful garden rooms. She also had a few gardening chores for us visiting girls!

This is one of the beautiful old homes in Columbus. This one is next to Aunt Marianne's house. I painted it once and probably will again. It's a wonderful painting subject.

The post office resides on Main Street and is quite old although I am unsure of its age. Inside is a beautiful mural which I imagine was painted by a WPA artist. My Dad had an office on the second floor, and I would walk over when I was in the first grade, and he would take me home for lunch. Columbus is also home to the first state supported school for women in the nation. Called MSCW (Mississippi State College for Women) or the W, it is now an university and is co-ed.

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Anonymous said...

Connie--thanks so much for sharing the pictures of "our" Columbus---and I love the blue barn painting also. Did Dennie remember Jane Ellen and Paul?

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