Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bill Jameson Workshop, Saluta, NC

I just returned from a Bill Jameson painting workshop.  Bill lives in Saluta, NC, and I fell in love with the town,  so charming and so much to do.  Below, in no particular order, are some photos I took at the workshop.  If you are a landscape painter, I highly recommend the workshop. 

I've tried for 2 days to write this post and add photos of the workshop.  Something is not working with the pics so I'll try again later.

Got sick coming home from the workshop, but couldn't see the doctor until Monday.  I'm on an antibiotic, but still feeling pretty crummy.  Will be up and painting soon, I hope.

I'm doing great.  Nothing like cipro!  So here goes another attempt to upload the photos.  Next posts will be paintings.

This is Bill's studio, also his wife's, Ann, who is also a painter.  Quite spacious with skylights-a dream for any studio artist.  The commute's not bad either.  Their house is just across the driveway,

Here is Bill's set up for painting.  A large glass for mixing colors and a large assortment of brushes.  You can see his paint along the sides.   Bill uses a medium of half stand oil and half liquin. 
This painting was on his easel when I first arrived,  Beautiful, isn't it?

Here's Bill during a teaching moment.  He's a wonderful artist and teacher, also enthusiastic, funny, and congenial.

This photo shows how he begins a painting (after making a sketch on paper and a small painting study).  He uses cobalt blue to draw just the  main shapes on a tinted canvas.
For some reason, blogger does not allow a longer post, so I shall work on this some more later.

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