Monday, May 2, 2011

Painting in Mary Lou's Garden (sold)

Our Charlotte museum,The Mint Museum, has a garden club which sponsors a yearly garden tour of about 7 gardens...always lovely.  Last year they added artists painting in the gardens as an extra enticement.  I painted last year and again this year, actually yesterday.  It was lovely weather, not too hot, but somewhat overcast which makes it difficult to show form with value.  The sun did come out at times and I quickly incorporated what I saw.  The garden's owner had only lived in the house 3 years, which was impressive enought, but she also did all the work. 

Here are a few photos from her garden which will be using as reference for future paintings.

I painted two small 8x8.  Both were sold.  Not sure why the photos are so small--I suspect my camera is possessed!  I'll touch up some spots, varnish, and then deliver to the new owners.

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