Friday, June 24, 2011

By the Tracks, Macon, MS

8x10, oil on canvas panel, damar varnish

We artists love to experiment, as in "I wonder what would happen if I did........"
This was one of those times.  I usually paint on a toned panel, often using the leftover paint from the
day before.  I let it dry before I paint.  On this painting I toned with a bright rosy red, and began
painting immediately on the wet paint.  Fun!!!  I plan to try it again today.

North Carolina is having a cooler day with less humidity today.   What a relief.  I rushed out early
to mow the lawn, pick up branches, and put out pine straw.
I plan to work again when it cools off again.


Anonymous said...

What a good idea! Those rosy undertones give it a classical look. I like it!

Angela said...

Connie this is stunning. Sooooooo beautiful

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