Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Garden Shed (sold)

11x9, oil on canvas panel

Most landscape painters lament the fact that everything is so GREEN .  While this is hardly an epiphany,
it is difficult to paint so many greens and not have your painting all
look the same.  That's why I prefer to have a building in the landscape to introduce
another color.  So finding the garden shed was quite fortunate.

I will put this on the Daily Paintworks site tonight.  You can find it by clicking on the icon on the
right hand side.  There is some stellar painting on this site.

Yesterday I painted in Reedy Park--a lake scene.  When walking back my painting fell, on the painted side , or course, and all the grit, dirt, and tiny pebbles stuck to it.  When it dries I'll brush it off, repair any places that need it, and post.  I must say, it certainly does look like authentic
plein air work!

I'll be involved in a family wedding and the attending festivities for a few days.  Please check back on the 29th.

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