Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Across the Street, Weddington, NC

'8x10, oil on canvas panel

I painted this en plein air, carefully positioning my canvas, palette, and easel in the shade, all the time trying for the best angle for a strong composition.
As I painted the sun moved and I was no longer in the shade, but didn't realize it.  Oh my, my painting was gorgeous--I created a masterpiece!!!  And then I took it inside.  It was
dead in the water, dull and lifeless.  Painting in the sun makes your colors look bright, so the artist tends to mix duller colors without knowing it.

So I brought it home and repainted many of the passages in brighter colors.  It does look so much better, but the spontaneity has been lost.  Most of the time reworking a painting works for me
and sometimes it does not.  Hey, there's always tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well, I LOVE it! Just hang it in the sunlight.

Connie said...

Thanks, Beth. What a great idea! I got such a kick out of your comment.

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