Friday, November 18, 2011

Matthews Shed

8x10, oil on canvas panel

I've been out of town, but did manage a little painting.  I finished this one and started another landscape.

I began this as a plein air study in Matthews, NC, a small town close to me.  This shed belonged to quite an imposing house, but I preferred the humble shed. which meant I would have to set up in the yard.  I knocked on the door to ask permission, but no answer, so I set up anyway, prepared to apologize.  I suppose they were at work because no one ever appeared.  Some people are delighted to have someone paint and show great interest.  A few people are not quite as gracious.  Oh well--all's well that ends well!

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I like the sense of light and the look of the weeds in this painting. I love weeds in a painting!!

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