Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1771 House, Charlotte History Museum (sold)

If you are looking for the painting giveaway with Rhoda, please look at the post prior to this one.

8x10, oil on canvas panel

This is en plein air painting with many changes.  The house was build in 1771, composed of rock, but seems oddly contemporary.  I did not want to get involved with picky rock details so I left that out and changed the color to white.  The building beside the house was a log cabin kitchen.  Kitchens were always built separate from the house because of fire danger.  The log cabin looked dull (it was not a sunny day that morning) so I presto-chango-ed it into a shed of some sort--an opportunity for more shape and color.

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susanbmclean said...

Hi Connie -- I love this one. I always like the paintings of houses but this one has really great colors!


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