Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rae House, Charlotte, NC

8x10, oil on canvas panel, 100.00, Daily Paintworks

This is an example of enhancing a scene.  I painted a side view of the porch with two shrubs along the bottom.  I got it home and wondered What Was I Thinking???--the worst composition in the universe, very little of interest, and a large rectangle on the right of nothing other than a nice shadow pattern.  I briefly thought about parking a bicycle there, but decided that would just add to the problem of too much "stuff" on the bottom one forth.  In a brief shinning moment, I let the shrubbery grow, added some blossoms, and let something (roses?) grow up the boring rectangle.  I think it worked.

The Rae House was moved to the corner of Providence and Alexander several years ago.  It is now for sale--would make a great bed and breakfast or an event place.  I assume it was the home of the original family for whom Rae Road was named.

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