Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 Days, 30 Paintings kChallenge, Painting number 21

Kelly House, Waxhaw, NC
oil on canvas panel
Daily Paintworks

We had  a lovely spring like day in Charlotte on Tuesday, and I went out with my painting friends for some much needed plein air painting.  Waxhaw, named after Waxhaw Indians, is a  small town south of Charlotte, which a one time was filled with antique shops.  Most of the antique stores have disappeared, but Waxhaw still retains a charming vibe.

Yesterday's painting was inadvertently left at friends studio before I took a photo.  The challenge ends today, and I have no painting for today.  So I did 22 paintings in all, none on the weekends this time, instead of 30.  I'm disappointed in myself for not meeting the challenge requirements, but still had fun doing what I did.

Starting next week, I plan to concentrate on larger paintings for a while, although I may do some small ones to warm up the old painting fingers!

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