Monday, June 29, 2009

Early Morning Light

5x7, oil on canvas panel
I got up at 5:30 Saturday morning to beat the heat, but I did paint a good part of the day even in the North Carolina humidity. I painted 5 landscapes. The one above is the first one, a warm up, small study.
On another note, my daughter-in-law and grandchildren are coming today for a visit, so I may not have time to post for the next few days.
And on even another note, I have a raccoon coming in my house each night to eat the cat's food, and I live in the city limits, not the country. I have a trap set, but have not caught him yet. Has anyone else had experience with this?

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Barbara Pask said...

Hi Connie, Wow, five paintings. You go girl. You have been doing some very nice work, I always love your paintings. We have had that battle with raccoons also, to live trap it and move it would be the best thing. You can start putting your cat food away at night also and maybe after a bit he will stop coming by. They can be such a nuisance.

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