Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Third Step and the Finished Painting

Two posts ago, I was answering questions from MaryLeith, age 12, about how I paint. The above photo depicts the third step, painting in the darks. I mix up a transparent mixture of ultramarine, viridian, and transparent red oxide, and paint in all areas that will be dark. I "lean" the color towards the final paint color, as in I lean trees toward green. Some of the areas may be darker than the final color, but that's o.k. It will provide a good foundation for the next color.

After the darks are done, I get busy with the real painting--lights, halftones, shadows, etc. Below is the finished painting.
The Yatch Club, Bay St. Louis
8x10, oil on canvas panel

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I like this boat. Wish I had been there painting with you!

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