Friday, January 29, 2010

Hanging Moss (sold)

6x6, oil on canvas panel

For some reason, photographing this painting was quite difficult--the colors would just not come out true, and this is the 3rd time and day I'm tried. So, haha, I decided to post the 3 best ones, and perhaps, you, the viewer, can make your mind take an average. I really do think it's a nice painting, but I couldn't seem to do it justice. Any suggestions on "how to photo a painting"?
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Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, I like the middle, more tonalist painting best, though the first is really nice also. Love the composition---and all are good.

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Oh wow, that moss is really playing my heart strings!
(I don't know why, but your link on my blog does not automatically update your posts like it does for all the other blogs...very frustrating!) Fabulous paintings!!! said...

They all three are appealing. Interesting how you can manipulate (or not control) how the color will turn out.

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