Friday, February 25, 2011

Linseed Oil


Some oil painters use a medium and some use the paint as it is out of the tube.  I am
a medium user.  A medium, depending on the kind, will thin the paint and
make it flow better and often add a bit of gloss. 

When I painted in college (the whole 1 semester I had!)  we used copal.  I really liked it, but
I doubt it was very healthy for our young lungs.  However, we did not
worry about those things then.  I don't think anyone realized the importance
of handling the materials with caution.  To make a point, almost everyone paints
wearing gloves, something I did not see years ago.

About a year ago, I only used linseed oil mixed with a little gamsol (orderless turps), hence the
half empty bottle.  Then someone introduced me to liquin which I had always
resisted because of the way it looks.  I'm such a princess!
Liquin thins the paint, provides a soft gloss, and hastens drying--so I am
now a convert.

Someday I'll probably dig out the linseed oil again...we painters are like that. We go
back and forth with out supplies.

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Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Connie, I love catching up with your blog! Although I'm not a painter, I understand that Liquin is worth its weight in gold, glad you are enjoying it. Do you glove yourself to paint now too? I know Dad doesn't. I go back & forth on the toxicity issue, I certainly wear my respirator when necessary but no gloves for handling paint...
Love all your paintings and especially this bottle of painting medium!!!

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