Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Connie Winters Painting Workshop, continued

Pictured above is Connie's paint set up...quite innovative! A large piece of glass sits on a compartmentalized box which holds her tubes of paint. It's on a hinge, so she does not have to move the glass to get to her paints.To the left is attached a wood board with drilled holes for brushes and knives. Someone in the workshop mentioned that one could be made from an old dresser drawer.

This is the step she calls massing in. Fairly thin paint is applied with cross hatching strokes, painting out side the drawn lines so that the colors overlap somewhat. There is no attempt at detail.

Tomorrow I'll post the next steps.

Later next week I'll be posting a FREE painting that will be given away to someone who puts their name on the list. Stay tuned!

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