Monday, July 14, 2008

Connie Winters Painting Workshop

Today I began a 5 day painting workshop with Connie Winters who is an awesome painter and a charming, gracious person. I thought you might like to see what happened today. Beginning a 9:00, Connie did a demonstration painting. She begin with a charcoal sketch just for placement and size, no details, wiped off most of the dust so that only a faint outline appeared, and then drew again (redrawing and refining, not just tracing over the charcoal) with yellow ochre. In the above picture she has finished these steps and is now putting on a thin coat of paint, beginning with the darkest values.
The top picture shows the still life set up. Notice that she used two spotlights on the subject to get a strong value contrast.
Will post more on workshop later.

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