Friday, September 2, 2016

Day 2, 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Sunday Afternoon Light and Shadow
oil on canvas panel

I have a difficult time finding locations to paint plein air.  It has to be something I want to paint, have good light, have a place to park my car, and because I am by myself not be an isolated
spot.  I was out scouting around when I spied an interesting looking barn, so
I stopped and bravely rang the doorbell and asked permission to
paint on the property.  He seemed hesitant at first but I kept
talking, smiling, gave him my card, etc.  

His Dad was also visiting working in the garden.  They both warmed up to
the idea and told me I could come back
any time.  

When I got my easel and paints all set up I realized that the barn was not
nearly as good a subject as it had appeared from the road.
Since I had been given (reluctant at first) permission
to paint, I didn't want to act unappreciative
so I began the painting.  It was ok but certainly not what
I hoped for.  I took it home and worked some more, adding
windows, shadows, trees, etc. and am much
happier with it. 

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